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The Incumbent Coroner

Whodunnit? Well, Paul Austin Ardoin dunnit. Again.

That’s right, Paul’s killed again—he’s written another mystery novel, and I’ve designed the cover.

For you ultra-professional designers like me, here’s the very formal, exhaustive creative brief:

  • As with the first book, the title and author name must be very prominent.
  • It needs to carry on the general look and feel I created for the first book (i.e. big, bright crime-scene tape across a dark, sinister background), but it should look different enough that the two books would not be confused with one another.
  • The victim in this story was found in a seedy motel room (not a spoiler—it says so right on the cover).

So, with that out of the way, here’s a little video I put together showing exactly how I designed it.

The Incumbent Coroner is the second in Paul Austin Ardoin’s Fenway Stevenson Mysteries series, and will be available for purchase as an ebook or paperback on September 25.