Oakland, CA
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Design Rates

Freelance Design

1 Hour$150/hr$150
5 Hours$130/hr$650
10 Hours$120/hr$1200
40 Hours$95/hr$3800
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Book Cover Design

eBook Cover
300ppi JPEG + Source Files*
Paperback Cover
300dpi press-ready PDF + Source Files*
eBook + Paperback
The package deal—add chips and a drink for just 99¢.

* Unless we explicitly agree otherwise prior to starting the project, I will package and turn over all source files to you at the end of your project. These files are 100% yours with zero restrictions and can be edited by any other designer (or you) with the appropriate software, generally Adobe CC.

Other Stuff
Photorealistic Mockups [ Gallery ]$40
Video Production

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to email me and I’ll do my best to get you unstuck.

If you’re ready to get the ball rolling, please submit a creative brief and I’ll respond as quickly as possible with a written proposal:

Book Cover Payment Terms

Invoices are payable immediately and are issued at the following points in the project:

➊ Project Start30%Up to 4 Hours of design time
➋ Revisions30%Up to 2 hours of design time over two rounds
➌ Final Delivery40%All artwork and rights.

Three invoices sounds like a pain, but it’s a good thing for both of us. If at any point in the project you’re unhappy with the process or deliverables, you need to postpone or cancel, or otherwise want to walk away for any reason, you are free to do so. Because you’ve already paid for the work you’ve received so far, I’ll gladly hand over any and all partial work I’ve done and issue you an internet high-five—no strings, no conflict, and no hard feelings.

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