Oh Geoff, you greedy piece of shit. Still scamming people, even during a global pandemic? You’re really taking this human-garbage-fire thing you’ve got going on to a new level. Kudos.

Anyway, It’s been a year since we last spoke and I’m still getting your bullshit automated emails trying to scam money off me. I’m busy and they’re tiresome to deal with, so I’d kindly ask that you go ahead and sue me, as you promised  to do a year ago, or just cut your losses, take me off your mailing list of potential victims, and fuck the fuck off.

What’s the big delay anyway? Is it because Michael Cohen went to prison? Or because Rudy’s in the hospital? How long am I supposed to wait to get sued over here?!

Well, I’m busy, so I better get back to publishing this email on fuckpicrights.com with all the others.

I look forward to your stupid reply.