Ziad’s Guide to a Fun, Safe, Sexy Motorcycle Trip

Be Prepared ⚜ If you don’t have one already, make a packing list of everything you’ll need for your body and your bike. Start the list days or weeks in advance and keep checking it and honing it, adding things you’ve forgotten and scratching off things you don’t need after all (and keep the list […]

The Shadow of the Wind

Only three or four things are worth living for; the rest is manure. —Carlos Ruiz Zafón

A Little Life

You won’t understand what I mean now, but someday you will: the only trick of friendship, I think, is to find people who are better than you are—not smarter, not cooler, but kinder, and more generous, and more forgiving—and then to appreciate them for what they can teach you, and to try to listen to […]

The Moon is a Harsh Mistress

Are two types of jokes. One sort goes on being funny forever. Other sort is funny once. Second time it’s dull. This joke is second sort. Use it once, you’re a wit. Use twice, you’re a halfwit. —Robert Heinlein

Jitterbug Perfume

To physically overcome death—is that not the goal?—we must think unthinkable thoughts and ask unanswerable questions. Yet we must not lose ourselves in abstract vapors of philosophy. Death has his concrete allies, we must enlist ours. Never underestimate how much assistance, how much satisfaction, how much comfort, how much soul and transcendence there might be […]

The Blind Assassin

Good judgment comes from experience. Experience comes from bad judgment. —Margaret Atwood

The Humans

The single biggest act of bravery or madness anyone can do is the act of change. I was something. And now I am something else. —Matt Haig

The Luminaries

If I have learned one thing from experience, it is this: never underestimate how extraordinarily difficult it is to understand a situation from another person’s point of view. —Eleanor Catton

Player Piano

Almost nobody’s competent, Paul. It’s enough to make you cry to see how bad most people are at their jobs. If you can do a half-assed job of anything, you’re a one-eyed man in the kingdom of the blind. —Kurt Vonnegut, Jr.