Ode to Odo

He writes the songs that makes Bajor sing. pic.twitter.com/ovJnDUAGy4 — 💤🚶🏼💩👌 (@ziad4pope) April 7, 2017 First learn stand, then learn shapeshift. Nature rule, Odo-san, not mine. pic.twitter.com/Pdeyf838oQ — 💤🚶🏼💩👌 (@ziad4pope) April 8, 2017 Fear leads to anger. Anger leads to hate. Hate leads to shapeshifting. pic.twitter.com/ofb9pJg7LL — 💤🚶🏼💩👌 (@ziad4pope) April 8, 2017 Shapeshifting is my […]

A Gentleman in Moscow

Presumably, the bells of the Church of the Ascension had been reclaimed by the Bolsheviks for the manufacture of artillery, thus returning them to the realm from whence they came. Though for all the Count knew, the cannons that had been salvaged from Napoleon’s retreat to make the Ascension’s bells had been forged by the […]

Version Control

…history lives in the gap between the information and the truth. And each of us has no choice but to determine our own history, for ourselves. —Dexter Palmer


As Sonny passed the projects that filled the distance between his apartment and Willie’s, he tried to remember the last time he’d really spoken to his mother. It was 1964, during the riots, and she had asked him to meet her in front of her church so that she could lend him some money. “I […]

Lily and the Octopus

Someone once said give a dog food and shelter and treats and they think you are a god, but give a cat the same and they think they are the god. —Steven Rowley

In case you haven’t noticed, I’m really, really enjoying Adobe Spark

Testing out #AdobeSpark. pic.twitter.com/NmlXHje9A5 — Ziad (@ziad4pope) October 18, 2016 City of Brotherly Love #AdobeSpark pic.twitter.com/ItkKPWAWsL — Ziad (@ziad4pope) October 18, 2016 It's a fair question. #AdobeSpark https://t.co/VlensWQFpz — Ziad (@ziad4pope) October 18, 2016 Leveraging social touchpoints. #AdobeSpark https://t.co/DZIP8LG9tf — Ziad (@ziad4pope) October 18, 2016 Your mileage may vary. #AdobeSpark https://t.co/aKYeaQz3Lt — Ziad (@ziad4pope) October […]

Ziad’s Guide to a Fun, Safe, Sexy Motorcycle Trip

Be Prepared ⚜ If you don’t have one already, make a packing list of everything you’ll need for your body and your bike. Start the list days or weeks in advance and keep checking it and honing it, adding things you’ve forgotten and scratching off things you don’t need after all (and keep the list […]

The Shadow of the Wind

Only three or four things are worth living for; the rest is manure. —Carlos Ruiz Zafón

The Invention of Wings

“How can you ask us to go back to our parlors?” I said, rising to my feet. “To turn our backs on ourselves and on our own sex? We don’t wish the movement to split, of course we don’t—it saddens me to think of it—but we can do little for the slave as long as […]

What is the What

The government burned the villages to punish them for supporting the rebels. It’s very easy to kill a town, yes? Harder to kill an army. —Dave Eggers

Uncanny Valley

<iframe width=”560″ height=”315″ src=”https://www.youtube.com/embed/UXX0TRtg5Vk” frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen></iframe>

H is for Hawk

A sudden thump of feathered shoulders and the box shook as if someone had punched it, hard, from within. ‘She’s got her hood off,’ he said, and frowned. That light, leather hood was to keep the hawk from fearful sights. Like us. Another hinge untied. Concentration. Infinite caution. Daylight irrigating the box. Scratching talons, another […]

FTFY, Internet

As anyone who’s stood within earshot of me for more than 45 seconds can tell you, I tend to be supremely annoyed by “when I was your age” anecdotes about how much things used to cost, particularly when people use nominal dollars instead of real dollars. Since I’ve seen half a dozen instances of this stupid […]

The Sellout

Hospitals don’t have the rainbow of directional lines anymore. In the days of butterfly bandages, sutures that didn’t dissolve, and nurses without accents, the admitting nurse would hand you a manila folder and you’d follow the Red Line to Radiology, the Orange to Oncology, the Purple to Pediatrics. But at Killer King, sometimes an emergency […]

Thirteen Ways of Looking

Curious thing, the snow. They say the Eskimos have eighty words for it. An articulate lot. Slush and sleet and firn and grain. Hoar and rime. Crust crystal vapor blizzard graupel. Pendular permeable planar. Striated shear supercooled. Brittle glazed clustered coarse broken. An insult of snow, a slur of snow, a taunt of snow, a […]

Your move, Bright.

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