How one designer created the “look” of Jazz

Blue Note captured the refined sophistication of jazz during the early 60s, giving it its signature look in the process. When asked to visualize what jazz looks like, you might picture bold typography, two tone photography, and minimal graphic design. If you did, you’re recalling the work of a jazz label that single-handedly defined the […]

The Incumbent Coroner

Whodunnit? Well, Paul Austin Ardoin dunnit. Again. That’s right, Paul’s killed again—he’s written another mystery novel, and I’ve designed the cover. For you ultra-professional designers like me, here’s the very formal, exhaustive creative brief: As with the first book, the title and author name must be very prominent. It needs to carry on the general look and […]

Portfolio Reel

2018 Portfolio Reel from Ziad Ezzat on Vimeo. Video made in Adobe Premier by this guy right here. Music is Popcorn by Hot Butter (duh). Can you believe it’s almost 50 years old?! [Sassy_Social_Share]

The Reluctant Coroner

My longtime friend and colleague Paul Austin Ardoin recently released his first novel, a murder mystery called The Reluctant Coroner. Never mind all those tired old clichés—you can absolutely judge this book by its fantastic cover: (Psst. Yeah. I designed it.)

In case you haven’t noticed, I’m really, really enjoying Adobe Spark

Testing out #AdobeSpark. — Ziad (@ziad4pope) October 18, 2016 City of Brotherly Love #AdobeSpark — Ziad (@ziad4pope) October 18, 2016 It's a fair question. #AdobeSpark — Ziad (@ziad4pope) October 18, 2016 Leveraging social touchpoints. #AdobeSpark — Ziad (@ziad4pope) October 18, 2016 Your mileage may vary. #AdobeSpark — Ziad (@ziad4pope) October […]