This photoshop job was commissioned by a friend for an internal company event. The creative brief was essentially “put these five heads on five of these celebrities, ditch the sixth person.”

And it’s a fast five hours of work over four days, compressed into just under four minutes. Designers, fastidious viewers, and anyone on a heavy-duty meth bender will see that, rather than fighting endlessly to wedge several heads into a single photo, I chose to rebuild the whole image from scratch.

The only original elements left in the final image are the two seated bodies/chairs in front (Barbara and Mr. Wonderful) and their chairs, and the (literal) sharks swimming under them. Everything else—the title, the water, the other three bodies—was either googled and heavily-modified or drawn from scratch.

The song is “Rich Friend” by Portugal. The Man. If you like it, do yourself a solid and go goof around with their absolutely brilliant interactive music video at