A Rich, Rich Friend Like You

This photoshop job was commissioned by a friend for an internal company event. The creative brief was essentially “put these five heads on five of these celebrities, ditch the sixth person.”

And it’s a fast five hours of work over four days, compressed into just under four minutes. Designers, fastidious viewers, and anyone on a heavy-duty meth bender will see that, rather than fighting endlessly to wedge several heads into a single photo, I chose to rebuild the whole image from scratch.

The only original elements left in the final image are the two seated bodies/chairs in front (Barbara and Mr. Wonderful) and their chairs, and the (literal) sharks swimming under them. Everything else—the title, the water, the other three bodies—was either googled and heavily-modified or drawn from scratch.

The song is “Rich Friend” by Portugal. The Man. If you like it, do yourself a solid and go goof around with their absolutely brilliant interactive music video at chardonnayandadderall.com.

Ziad Ezzat

Ziad is a visual designer and front-end web developer with a degree in Economics. Wait, what? Based in beautiful Oakland, California, he currently works full-time as creative director, lead designer, and cat herder for his own freelance agency, Feral Creative Colony. In addition to design, his interests include literary fiction, music, motorcycles, photography, travel, cats, and serial commas.