What I Do

You probably know what a graphic designer is, but what in the wide, wide world of sports is a Creative Director?

A symphony conductor of sorts, sans the tux. And the applause. And the timpani. Damn it.

Lack of orchestra not withstanding, I lead teams of designers, developers, illustrators, photographers, video producers, marketers, copywriters, editors, and all sorts of other wacky creative types into making beautiful things together.

I make strategic decisions to help my team create the strongest work possible within the ubiquitous, often ridiculous constraints of time and budget.

I preach the brand. I police the brand. I am the brand.

I get my hands dirty. I push pixels, write copy, code html/css/php/js/rofl/jk/lol. I crop, nudge, filter, and blur. I live and breathe Adobe Creative Cloud. I dream in CMYK. I bleed 1/8″ on all sides.

I research everything. I stare at cool stuff. I read all the blogs—that’s right, all of them. I keep up with the trends. I avoid the fads. I consume as much beautiful design work I possibly can in order to create the most beautiful design work I possibly can.

At work, I herd cats figuratively—at home, literally.