Ziad Ezzat
San Francisco, California

{ Objective
Seeking positions in web design and marketing, with an opportunity to apply a lifetime of experience in print media

{ Professional Profile
18 years of experience in the graphic/web design and commercial printing industries
Outstanding written, verbal and visual communicator
Adept with countless professional software suites and content management systems, and able to quickly master new ones

{ Professional Accomplishments

Web Design & Marketing
Mastered vital web design languages like PHP, HTML, and CSS, with a working knowledge of JavaScript
Collaborated with database engineers and marketing professionals to create attractive and robust sites
Managed and designed large and small web projects, including coding, Flash animation, and ecommerce solutions
Connected corporate sites with social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and WordPress
Developed lead acquisition and retention strategies with direct SalesForce.com integration

Commercial Printing and Direct Mail Marketing
Planned, designed and managed joint web and print marketing campaigns
Maintained customer databases for Fortune 100 companies and worldwide non-profit organizations
Managed time, cost and resources allocation necessary to complete large projects and campaigns

Business Administration
Owned and managed a commercial design and print house, serving large and small businesses worldwide
Established excellent rapports and developed trusting long-term relationships with clients
Supervised accounts payable/receivable, balanced budgets, optimized purchasing and sales levels
Managed human resources, including hiring/ firing and compensation/benefits allocation

{ Expertise



Applications Experience Skills

Adobe Creative Suite CS5
Illustrator, Photoshop, Fireworks/Imageready 18 years Advanced
Dreamweaver, InDesign 8 years Advanced
Flash 6 years Intermediate
Acrobat 12 years Advanced

Microsoft Office 2010
Word, Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint, Access 12 years Advanced

QuarkXpress 18 years Advanced
Filemaker Pro 16 years Advanced
QuickBooks 6 years Advanced
SAP Business Mailer Pro 12 years Advanced

{ Experience

Owner / General Manager Linzee International Corp., Belmont, CA 1993 Present
Web Developer
(Contractor) Endeavors Technologies, Inc., Irvine, CA 2010 Present
Web Developer
(Contractor) Claros Systems, Inc., Pilot Hill, CA 2010 Present
Web Designer (Contractor) Harmonic Inc., San Jose, CA 2010 Present

In-House Designer Applied Operations, San Francisco, CA 2009 Present
Graphic Designer (Contractor) Secure Computing, San Jose, CA 2001 2002
Web Designer (Contractor) SkyStream Networks, Mountain View, CA 2000 2001
Web Designer (Contractor) Sequoia Capital, Palo Alto, CA 2000 2001

{ Education

Bachelor of Arts in Economics San Jose State University, San Jose, CA 2002

{ References

Available upon request.