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The Incumbent Coroner

Whodunnit? Well, Paul Austin Ardoin dunnit. Again.

That’s right, Paul’s killed again—he’s written another mystery novel, and I’ve designed the cover.

For you ultra-professional designers like me, here’s the very formal, exhaustive creative brief:

  • As with the first book, the title and author name must be very prominent.
  • It needs to carry on the general look and feel I created for the first book (i.e. big, bright crime-scene tape across a dark, sinister background), but it should look different enough that the two books would not be confused with one another.
  • The victim in this story was found in a seedy motel room (not a spoiler—it says so right on the cover).

So, with that out of the way, here’s a little video I put together showing exactly how I designed it.

The Incumbent Coroner is the second in Paul Austin Ardoin’s Fenway Stevenson Mysteries series, and will be available for purchase as an ebook or paperback on September 25.


100 Fewer Trumps: A Retrospective

Here’s a quick look back of my 2018 100 Day Project.

If you’ve got a copy of PhotoShop (or GIMP) and want a peek behind the scenes, the layered PSD files for all 100 are now available to view and download on Dropbox, along with an extra folder containing almost 50 duds, rejects, or otherwise unfinished pieces. Enjoy!


@wkyirqi | The 100 Day Project