Oakland, CA
+1 (415) 692-1974
Ziad Ezzat
Creative Evangelist
Design Fanatic
Swell Guy
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Who I Am

Ziad EzzatOccasionally communicating in the third-person to make him seem much more important than he really is, Mr. Ezzat is a passionate creative leader and an obsessive designer.

In addition to design and data visualization, his personal interests include readingmusic, motorcycling, photography, travel, cats, and oxford commas.

He lives in beautiful Oakland, California with his lovely wife and their three ridiculously demanding cats.

Salient Branding Workshop

I lead teams of designers, developers, illustrators, photographers, video producers, marketers, copywriters, editors, and all sorts of wacky creative types into making beautiful things together.

I make strategic decisions to help my team create the strongest work possible within the ubiquitous, often ridiculous constraints of time and budget.

I preach the brand. I police the brand. I am the brand.

I get my hands dirty. I push pixels, write copy, code htmlcss php js rofl jk lol.

I crop, nudge, filter, and blur. I live and breathe Adobe Creative Cloud. I dream in CMYK. I bleed 1/8″ on all sides.

I research everything. I stare at cool stuff. I read all the blogs—that’s right, all of them. I keep up with the trends. I avoid the fads. I consume as much amazing work as I possibly can in order to create the most amazing work I possibly can.

At work, I herd cats figuratively—at home, literally.


Some things I made to show you how I made those things I made.


Self-indulgent nonsense you should definitely ignore.

Collect All Nine!

One-third of the male justices currently serving on the U.S. Supreme Court are sexual predators. On the bright side, that’s about 40% lower than the general population.

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The Incumbent Coroner

Whodunnit? Well, Paul Austin Ardoin dunnit. Again. That’s right, Paul’s killed again—he’s written another mystery novel, and I’ve designed the cover. For you ultra-professional designers like me, here’s the very formal,[…]

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100 Fewer Trumps: A Retrospective

Here’s a quick look back of my 2018 100 Day Project. If you’ve got a copy of PhotoShop (or GIMP) and want a peek behind the scenes, the layered PSD[…]

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is the moment, is the reason, that everything happens.